Department of Dermatology

Department of Dermatology

Visible disease will become vanished by our healing vision

At Wellcare International Hospital, we think of it as our prime Responsibility to give fantastic clinical care to every one of our patients. Putting the patient at the center of our operations, we have created hearty quality guidelines, utilised master judgements and treatment designs and improved contamination and security conventions to render them the most proper treatment.

Dr. K.Ganapathy Sundar MBBS., MD., (Skin)
Consultant urologist surgeon, he is specialized in urology, to provide urological care to patients suffering from kidney and urinary tract,ailments.

Case 1:

Thirteen years young boy affected with Dengue fever and patient went for extreme malnutrition in spite of multiple platelet rich component ,fresh frozen plasma and few units of whole blood transfusion. He developed extensive exfoliative dermatitis, extensive buccal mucosal ulceration and severe chellaitis. Continuous supportive care and monitoring to prevent further complication he recovered well. The most important part of this patient successful treatment to bring back to normal is the extensive co-operation given by his parents. In fact that is the most vital part in his recovery.

Case 2:

A case of chronic contact dermatitis caused by turmeric powder purchased from shop and it was adherent to robe that is used to keep the Mangalium that is our time old tradition. This patient treated by stop using the commercial preparation of turmeric powder and advised to use home made one and of course initially with antibiotics and also mild anti allergic preparation. Patient recovered completely

Case 3:

Case 4:

52 years old professor having this problem which was uncured for many years of treatment. It was treated successfully by finding out the allergic agent that is the lather which was used to make some part of the chapel as you can see in the patient feet

Case 5:

Thirty eight years old School teacher developed Steven Johnson syndrome after receiving some medications for febrile illness and that medications was continued till she was reaching such a extensive stage of complication. She was stopped all those medication and treated symptomatically and very successfully recovered after few months of treatment.