Medical Director Message

Dr. K. Rajendran
B.Sc., MBBS., M.S.(General ), PhD(AB ) FIAGES ,FICS , (USA)

The managing director Dr. K. Rajendran B.Sc., MBBS., M.S.(general ), PhD(AB ) FIAGES, FICS, (USA) is doing yeomen services in the field of General / Laparoscopic / Endoscopic and Bariatric surgery, not only in India and in other countries too. He has acquired vast experience and knowledge in the field of medicine from throughout the globe. His services are very much appreciated by the highest body of our Indian government in the field of medicine and in other foreign countries also.
Dr.K.Rajendran has completed all his educations in well renounced institutions in India as well in abroad. He is also faculty and life member of different national & international organisation.

1. Asia pacific Gold star Award and Certificate of Excellence for the year2011-Dubai

2. Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award and Certificate of Excellence for the year 2010-New Delhi

3. Asia International gold star award for Health Excellence – Katmandu, Nepal.

4. Global Achiever’s Foundation award International intellectual award for Health Excellence for the year 2010 – Bangkok, Thailand.

All these things were possible because he had Specialist ‘A’ General, Laparascopic and Endoscopic and obesity surgeon license and still he is maintaining that. Getting these licenses are very difficult as our director has vast exposure and experience, and by virtue of day and night hard work he could able to achieved.
He came back to India in the year of 2008 and started International standard hospital at Trichy and that he has started doing the same type of services in India. Unfortunately the hospital was not able to make a tie up with international health insurances companies because it was small set up with lesser number of beds, so the new project was taken up and started doing as a fast track project.
Even after coming to India he used to very frequently going to SHOWA UNIVERSITY -TOKYO, JAPAN AND NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-SINGAPORE to upgrade the latest facility and technology which has come in to the field of Surgery/Laparoscopy and Endoscopy and Obesity surgery. Till date he is going to Gulf countries as a visiting surgeon to different Institutions. Because of his extensive services in abroad, his patients are mostly NRI, they are in different countries most of them in the Middle east (Dubai-entire UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait)
Like Middle east he also visited other countries where our Indians are more, A vast majority of them are Tamil people in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and to some extent European countries too. In the above mentioned places, our Director Dr. K. Rajendran already conducted so many health awareness programs and free medical camps by which so many people of Indian communities has been benefited and to some extent other nationals also. They are the clients (NRI) apart from the local population. Our nations as well as other countries have recognized his service and they have awarded him many national and international awards for his selfless service to the humanitarian.
Now he is intended to have tie up with International Health Insurances, so that these NRI patients and their family members, they will get benefit by health insurance coverage, which already they are having or they are going to take after our advise, because they are our patients and our director is their family physicians and surgeon.
More ever making tie up with these international health insurances are not difficult for our director because he is already having exposure to most of these international health insurances companies while working in abroad and by making international standard infrastructure I .e hospital and getting accreditation with JCI which is the highest body in the world to certify the standard of hospitals.
Once the JCI accreditation is obtained all most all the health insurances companies will make the tie up very easily by virtue of the our director has exposure the standard of our hospital and of course the hospital expenses will be for lesser in our institution than abroad. So the name generation in the future Institution will be greater and the addition of newer patient also will be more and faster.
Here are some of the awards he has received till recently. He is even now highly motivated to do something more in the medical field. He wants to spend his heart and soul to the medical miracle at all level.