Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Either fractures, sprains and simple wear and tear we restore your movements and we allow you to continue your routine life very perfectly for that our dedicated team moving very fast to acquire and apply to the very needy people.

At Wellcare International Hospital, we think of it as our prime Responsibility to give fantastic clinical care to every one of our patients. Putting the patient at the center of our operations, we have created hearty quality guidelines, utilised master judgements and treatment designs and improved contamination and security conventions to render them the most proper treatment.


Case 1

79 years old elderly mother has from Dubai to perform the routine pilgrimage at her home country, unfortunately fallen down at rest room and made fracture of her Rt femur neck and after thorough clinical work up, she underwent hip replacement surgery. By considering her she had incisional hernia in the anterior abdominal wall that also corrected in the same sitting by our experienced general surgery team in open method. Post operatively patient co- operated extensively by keeping her age apart and recovered well and she was send back to Dubai in an a unbelievable way..

Case 2

52 Years old bus driver after Road traffic accident had medial malleolus displaced fracture at Lt Ankle joint treated by open reduction and internal fixation. The most important thing regarding this patient he had multiple injuries including few ribs fracture on the same side(Lt) so he was not operated for many days because of mild reduction in the SPO2 due to chest injury. Which was taken care and operated attained nearly 100% alignment at the joint level. That was proved by making to join his routine duty that is as a bus driver in the same company. .