Department of Traumatology

Department of Traumatology

At Wellcare International Hospital, we think of it as our prime Responsibility to give fantastic clinical care to every one of our patients. Putting the patient at the center of our operations, we have created hearty quality guidelines, utilised master judgements and treatment designs and improved contamination and security conventions to render them the most proper treatment.

Trauma is one increasing every minute by minute and making the
operating surgeons operating continuously in night and day around
the globe but still cases are waiting in the hospital corridor. Here
educating the public and enforcing the strict law and order and
assuring 100% safety in all activity of human being only can reduce
the number of cases and also reduce the work burden of the
surgeon and his team. This will really helpful to surgeon and his
team to do service to the really needy people.


Case 1

Patient met with RTA(Road traffic accident) and sustained satellite type injury in the left eye brow close to the medial canthus of Lt eye with profuse loss of blood treated immediately with some amount of aesthetic care also.

Case 2

5 th Std student sustained injury to his Rt foot after giving the foot to the cycle wheel. He sustained injury with partial cut injury the tendo achillus at the level of insertion and also few other cut injures in the nearby area. He was treated by primary suturing and also antibiotics and analgesics and foot end elevation and regular dressing made that boy to come back to normal in few weeks of time.