Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Medicine

Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Medicine

We make your lungs, breath normally and exchange the bad for good.

At Wellcare International Hospital, we think of it as our prime Responsibility to give fantastic clinical care to every one of our patients. Putting the patient at the center of our operations, we have created hearty quality guidelines, utilised master judgements and treatment designs and improved contamination and security conventions to render them the most proper treatment.


1.Pulmonary tuberculosis with pleural effusion in 82/F, diagnosed and treated and recovered and living free of that disease

2.Bil Malignant Pleural effusion in a patient who had cancer Breast getting palliative treatment.

Baby had continuous loose stools and also small mass protruding per anam while defecation. Polyp was operated with wide excision at the base and send for Histopathology examination and biopsy has come as benign adenomatous polyp. Post operatively patient recovered well and discharged as per the schedule and patient periodically reviewed and there is no further complications..

17 yrs old boy had absecss in the liver and later on it was reptured into Rt pleural cavity and it formed as pleural absecss had treatment in other institution and patient condition detoriated came to our institution and treated and patient recoverd to perfectly normal condition.