Department of Paediatrics

Department of Paediatrics

Paediatric surgery is an art to correct and keep birth and also some acquired defect away and normal life closure to our kids.
Even a miniature defect taken care in a magnified way and keep our future nation in a very accurate manner.

At Wellcare International Hospital, we think of it as our prime Responsibility to give fantastic clinical care to every one of our patients. Putting the patient at the center of our operations, we have created hearty quality guidelines, utilised master judgements and treatment designs and improved contamination and security conventions to render them the most proper treatment.

Consultant urologist surgeon, he is specialized in urology, to provide urological care to patients suffering from kidney and urinary tract,ailments.

Case 1

Four years old boy sustained very trivial injury to the left of his umbilicus in the anterior wall of the abdomen and he was brought to hospital after three days with high grade fever and localised abdominal pain to the left of his umbilicus. History revealed that boy was playing in his brother dhotil after that he fallen down over the wooden rod used to keep two side of dhotil away for ventilation to the baby, that rod fallen before he falls so he fell down over the vertically standing rod. Since there was no external injury it went un- noticed and after thorough clinical history revealed and it was made possible to diagnose the small bowel perforation and localised peritonitis and it was confirmed by radiologically and per operatively it showed the damaged and perforated small bowel. Which was resected and anastomosed. Post operatively patient developed mild to moderate respiratory complications, which was treated and boy recovered well. This particular case has given me how much important in eliciting the history and how far it will be helpful to us to clinch the diagnosis.

Adenomatous Polyposis Coli

Baby had continuous loose stools and also small mass protruding per anam while defecation. Polyp was operated with wide excision at the base and send for Histopathology examination and biopsy has come as benign adenomatous polyp. Post operatively patient recovered well and discharged as per the schedule and patient periodically reviewed and there is no further complications..

Acute Pancreatitis treated and gone for Pseudo cyst formation

Treated by cysto gastrostomy and patient recovering well in immediate post operative Day. Post operatively patient recovered well and discharged as per the schedule and patient periodically reviewed and there is no further complications like recurrence of cyst. .